On The Run: Salt Lake City, Utah


Memory Grove Park

I’m on my way down to Arizona (more about that soon!) and stopped in Salt Lake City two nights ago. The city has some amazing buildings and I was wishing my friend Katie was with me to run through the hilly neighbourhood streets around the Capital to look at all the beautiful old character homes. The mountains surrounding the city weren’t a bad background either. We went for dinner at Red Iguana and I had hands down the best Mexican food I’ve ever eaten in my life. I seriously wanted to order everything on the menu.

One more thing to note: I have never been to a city where everyone I interacted with was so friendly. I’m not kidding. Literally, every. single. person. Not overkill friendly, just genuinely nice. They should really win an award or something.

I had already been looking forward to seeing the Salt Lake City and it really went far beyond my expectations. I’m not sure when my next opportunity to be in the area will be, but I know I won’t pass it up.


Utah State Capital


Salt Lake Temple


Salt Lake Assembly Hall


Union Pacific Depot


Red Iguana


Overlooking Memory Grove Park from the Northeast side of the Capital

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