Life, lately.

The past few weeks have been pretty low key. Run. Eat. Sleep. Repeat.  Here’s a little glimpse of that, and a few things in-between. Image

{ What a large (full) glass water bottle looks like after it smashes on the pavement. }


{ And what an 8×8 pyrex dish looks like when it explodes (and the creepy shadow of my hand). I’m still waiting for the third glass thing to break… }


{ The upside of a decent amount of downtime – having lots of time to cook. I love this “Life Changing Bread” from My New Roots. }


{ An orange tabby just trying to blend in.  (Ashley Miller – this one is for you.) }



Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

{ I went to the Desert Botanical Garden a few weeks ago with family friends to see the Chihuly glass installations.  The garden was beautiful and the glass was so incredible. I only wish my mom and grandma could have been there with me because I know how much they would have loved it. }


{ A later than planned evening run at least provided a pretty view along the canal. }

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

{ In Scottsdale it is just as common to see dogs in strollers as it is to see children in them.  They’re often wearing “service dog” vests, so I figured that made it less ridiculous – until my brother told me you can just buy them on Amazon for $25… }


{ A rare visit to In-N-Out.  If I’m being honest, it was kind of a let down. }


{ Duh. }


{ I love finding words of encouragement in the most unexpected of places. }

Processed with VSCOcam

{ Out for dinner with two great women and former University of Nebraska track athletes.  I’m so fortunate to have Jen close by and have really enjoyed all the time I’ve been able to spend with her.  It’s been great catching up and I love the chats we’ve had over coffee, dinner and some afternoon runs.  Anne was here for a few days and I wish so much that I could have spent more time with her.  Every time she is around, I just feel so motivated, happy and positive about life.  Anne was the assistant distance coach during my freshman year and I honestly can’t imagine what that year would have been like without her (probably not very pretty-that’s what). She is one of my biggest role models and I feel so lucky to know her and call her my friend.  I am incredibly proud of her for all that she has accomplished so far in her life, and am beyond excited for all that the future holds for her. }


{ The view from my bedroom window of a giant orange cloud that took up half the sky. }


{ The present state of my left rear bumper and tailpipe. Probably not the safest… }


{ Rory and his elephant. }


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