Time flies, or does it?

Do you ever have a week that seems to just fly by, but yet when you think about what you were doing a week ago at this time it seems more like a month ago?  This past week was one of those.

Last Saturday I competed at Nebraska’s only home cross-country meet, The Woody Greeno Invitational.  As I don’t have any cross country eligibility left I competed unattached.  I wore red and white, but had “CANADA” across my chest instead of Nebraska. It was a very strange feeling not lining up with my teammates, doing one last final stride out off the start line and our GO BIG RED cheer – I didn’t like it.  The race was much more difficult knowing I didn’t have a team relying on my performance. One of the things I know I will miss most this fall is racing alongside my teammates. Last season almost every race my teammate Katie White and I ran side by side for at least half of each race.  We pushed each other to be better, for ourselves, for one another, but mostly for our team.  Cross-Country really is a team sport. Sure you go out there and run your hardest and can be happy with a high placing or a fast time, but the greatest satisfaction comes from knowing doing your best helped the team achieve a larger goal.

After the race on Saturday I headed on a little road trip up to South Dakota with a few friends for the rest of the weekend.  We drove along a minor highway, listened to good music, and just enjoyed each other’s company. Two of them will be moving to Spain tomorrow for 8 months so it was nice to get to spend time with them before they move halfway across the world.  I am so excited for them and jealous of all the adventures and experiences they will have.

The week itself is what has flown by, most likely due to the large amount of running I have been doing.  This week I logged in 60 miles in 5 days, which, for someone who usually maxes out at 45 mi/week is quite a substantial increase. Training is my favourite part of the day.  The thought of getting up at 5:40 used to make me want to cry, but now when the alarm goes off, there is no hesitation to turn it off and hop out of bed to make coffee, some oatmeal and get dressed to go run and lift.  7:30 now constitutes as “sleeping in”.

The highlight of the week was the weekend. Friday night a group of us got together to play sand volleyball, and Saturday morning we had a big pancake breakfast after an easy hour run out on Jamaica Trail.  Sunday will be a full day off from running and any other form of cross training.  Doing homework, drinking coffee, and spending time with friends at The Mill (as is Sunday tradition) will be the most exciting part of my day. I can’t wait.

My Canada/Nebraska hair ribbon for race day.

1km to go at the Woody Greeno Invite (Photo Credit: Ray Simmons)

A life size, moving, noise making, T-Rex at the South Dakota Children’s Museum.

Sunset on the drive home from South Dakota.

Adam and the girls post-pancake breakfast, taking a break from playing basketball and football. (Photo Credit: Martina Barinova)


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