Back to School

I’ve been meaning to start a blog for months.  To me this is the best and easiest way to document memories.  I’ve blogged before, briefly for a month or so when I was in Kenya, but this will be a little different as I won’t be giving a play by play of my daily life.  To be honest, I’m not sure of exactly what content this blog will contain.  Anyone who knows me knows that running, traveling, cooking and spending time with family and friends are my favourite things. You can bet then that most posts will contain something about one of the aforementioned topics, and often it will be about a combination of those things.

As I’m just starting out and don’t have one particular thing I want to blog about I thought I would share a few images from the past couple of weeks.  The first few weeks are always the best, but this year in particular has been great. The weather has been not too unbearably hot and besides going to class I have been spending my time catching up with friends, cooking simple but delicious meals, visiting my favourite places in Lincoln, and getting back into a regular training schedule.

Pool party shenanigans over the long weekend.

Location Label – Alden’s Organic Ice Cream (a new favourite).

Sunrise over Lincoln after an early morning run.

Adorable salt and pepper shakers at Maggie’s Vegetarian Cafe.

The girls XC team post Saturday morning workout.